Rules and Regulations

The 2019 SA Blog Awards will be held online. The top three blogs in each category will be published online along with winners in each category and with the overall winner.

The phased roll out will be as follows.

1.    Registration phase

  1. Only bloggers residing in South Africa are eligible to register and enter the SA Blog Awards.
  2. Each blogger may enter into two categories.
  3. Blogs must suite the category entered. It is the entrants sole responsibility to enter the correct suitable category.
  4. After the registration closes, the entries will go into a public vote phase.
  5. Registered bloggers, will be confirmed via email or sms.
  6. Eligible and confirmed registered blogs will be sent a SA Blog Awards vote badge embed code.
  7. The code is to be embeded on the applicable blog.
  8. This code will link to a badge which is then displayed on the blogs, indicating the request to vote.
  9. The registration phase will be an online procedure.
  10. The official registration phase will close on Friday 13 December 2019.
  11. Any blogs registered outside of the registration phase are not guranteed entry.
  12. Entrants will be mailed their embed code for vote badges to embed on their blogs shortly after the registration phase is closed.
  13. These badges should be embedded prior to the public vote phase which starts on Monday, 16 December 2019.

2.    Public vote phase.

  1. The public vote phase will run from Monday, 16 December 2019 until 16 January 2020.
  2. The public vote phase is open to everyone.
  3. Each member of the public during the vote phase may vote only once for their favourite blog per category.
  4. Public notification and vote process publicity will happen accordingly.
  5. The public may vote in more than one category.
  6. The top 3 blogs in each category will move into the judge’s phase.
  7. Any votes cast after the closing date and time of the public vote phase will be discarded.
  8. SA Blog Awards reserves the right to extend the public vote phase.

3.    Judges Vote phase

  1. The SA Blog Awards judges will judge the top 3 blogs in each of the categories.
  2. Judges will rank the top three blogs in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  3. The judging phase will commence after the public vote phase has been completed.
  4. The blog with the most 1st place positions as decided by the judges will be the winner in that category.
  5. In the event of a 1st place tie in any category, the winner will be decided by most votes during the public vote phase.

4.    Overall winner.

  1. The judges will choose one overall winner from the winner of each category.
  2. The blog with the most votes from the judges for the overall position will be the winner of the SA Blog Awards.
  3. In the event that there is a tie for the overall winner, the overall winner will be decided by most 1st place votes from the judges category vote phase.
  4. In the event that there is a further tie for the overall winner, the result will be determined by looking at which blog received the most votes during the public vote phase for the tied blogs.

5.    Announcements.

  1. Category and overall winners will be announced online on the SA Blog Awards website on Friday 1 February 2020. Coming soon.

6.    Prizes and Accolades.

  1. Category winners and overall winners will receive a Category winners badge or Categories runners up badge, which they may embed on their blog showcasing their winner or runner up status.
  2. The SA Blog Awards is of the opinion that the SA Blog Awards Category winners badges and Overall winners badges add tremendous credibility and status to the Bloggers and Blogs, and is an excellent way to showcase their recognition of work.

7.   Summary.

  1. Each category will end with the top 3 bloggers in South Africa.
  2. The overall winner will be determined from the winners of each category.

Rules and regulations.

  1. All registrations must provide full contact details. ( These details are strictly confidential ).
  2. Should any details required not be provided in full, the SA Blog Awards reserves the right to discard the entry.
  3. Any blog which does not suit the category in a relevant manner may be removed from the category at any stage during the phases without consultation.
  4. Blog names may have any name, but the blog must be registered to a contactable human.
  5. All blogs must have a verifiable URL.
  6. All registrations in the top 3 in each category must be confirmed before going to the judging phase.
  7. Any unconfirmed registrations prior to the judging phase will be discarded. It is vital that all entrants supply all correct contact details.
  8. All bloggers must be contactable in South Africa.
  9. In the event that a blog falls out of the top 3, for any reason, then the fourth place blog from the public vote phase will be moved up to the 3rd place.
  10. No blogs will be accepted which contravene the constitution of South Africa. This includes blogs which contain sexually explicit material, condones violence or religious discrimination.
  11. The above rules and regulations will be determined by the management of the SA Blog Awards. Any contravention of the above rules and regulations may result in the immediate removal of a registration and or entrant or blog without consultation.
  12. The judges and SA Blog Awards decision will be final.
  13. No sponsors or organisers are eligible to enter any blogs.
  14. Any votes or registrations made outside of the allocated time frames will be discarded.


By entering the SA Blog Awards it is understood that The SA Blog Awards cannot be held liable for any actions or outcomes of the awards. The SA Blog Awards is merely a method of ranking and assisting bloggers, and is recognised as an informal social process. The SA Blog Awards is in no way connected, nor has any influence on the writings, or posts in any format of the bloggers who have registered or entered the SA Blog Awards. The SA Blog Awards cannot be held liable for the actions of the nominated, registered, or competing bloggers. It is also recognised that due to the nature of the blogging, and the fact the process is a social process which plays itself out in a public space the SA Blog Awards has no involvement in the public voting process. Any stipulated dates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the SA Blog Awards should management feel any changes might be required for administrative purposes. Furthermore it is understood that the process of the blog awards is constantly evolving and that the rules and format of the awards in its current form can change in order to facilitate the processes. The SA Blog Awards may at it’s sole discretion remove or  revoke any entrant should any malpractice be suspected. The SA Blog Awards may remove or reduce categories at it’s sole discretion should it feel reasonable to do so. The SA Blog Awardd may provide entry into the competition stage for late blog entries at their sole discrection. Should any such registration be accepted the blogger understands that there will be a delay on recieving their vote badge, and as such could enter the competition stage at a later date than the official public vote phase. The entrant accepts the fact that a late entry could have less days available to publish their vote badge.